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QCPGrid Class Reference

Responsible for drawing the grid of a QCPAxis. More...

#include <plot2d.h>

Inheritance diagram for QCPGrid:

Public Member Functions

 QCPGrid (QCPAxis *parentAxis)
 ~QCPGrid ()
bool subGridVisible () const
bool antialiasedSubGrid () const
bool antialiasedZeroLine () const
QPen pen () const
QPen subGridPen () const
QPen zeroLinePen () const
void setSubGridVisible (bool visible)
void setAntialiasedSubGrid (bool enabled)
void setAntialiasedZeroLine (bool enabled)
void setPen (const QPen &pen)
void setSubGridPen (const QPen &pen)
void setZeroLinePen (const QPen &pen)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCPLayerable
 QCPLayerable (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
 ~QCPLayerable ()
bool visible () const
QCustomPlotparentPlot () const
QCPLayerlayer () const
bool antialiased () const
void setVisible (bool on)
bool setLayer (QCPLayer *layer)
bool setLayer (const QString &layerName)
void setAntialiased (bool enabled)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void applyDefaultAntialiasingHint (QCPPainter *painter) const
virtual void draw (QCPPainter *painter)
void drawGridLines (QCPPainter *painter) const
void drawSubGridLines (QCPPainter *painter) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCPLayerable
bool moveToLayer (QCPLayer *layer, bool prepend)
void applyAntialiasingHint (QCPPainter *painter, bool localAntialiased, QCP::AntialiasedElement overrideElement) const
virtual QRect clipRect () const

Protected Attributes

bool mSubGridVisible
bool mAntialiasedSubGrid
bool mAntialiasedZeroLine
QPen mPen
QPen mSubGridPen
QPen mZeroLinePen
- Protected Attributes inherited from QCPLayerable
bool mVisible
bool mAntialiased


class QCPAxis

Detailed Description

Responsible for drawing the grid of a QCPAxis.

This class is tightly bound to QCPAxis. Every axis owns a grid instance internally and uses it to draw the grid. Normally, you don't need to interact with the QCPGrid instance, because QCPAxis reproduces the grid interface in its own interface.

The axis and grid drawing was split into two classes to allow them to be placed on different layers (both QCPAxis and QCPGrid inherit from QCPLayerable). So it is possible to have the grid at the background and the axes in the foreground, and any plottables/items in between. This described situation is the default setup, see QCPLayer documentation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QCPGrid::QCPGrid ( QCPAxis parentAxis)

Creates a QCPGrid instance and sets default values.

You shouldn't instantiate grids on their own, since every QCPAxis brings its own QCPGrid internally

QCPGrid::~QCPGrid ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool QCPGrid::antialiasedSubGrid ( ) const
bool QCPGrid::antialiasedZeroLine ( ) const
void QCPGrid::applyDefaultAntialiasingHint ( QCPPainter painter) const

Implements QCPLayerable.

void QCPGrid::draw ( QCPPainter painter)

Implements QCPLayerable.

void QCPGrid::drawGridLines ( QCPPainter painter) const
void QCPGrid::drawSubGridLines ( QCPPainter painter) const
QPen QCPGrid::pen ( ) const
void QCPGrid::setAntialiasedSubGrid ( bool  enabled)

Sets whether sub grid lines are drawn antialiased.

void QCPGrid::setAntialiasedZeroLine ( bool  enabled)

Sets whether zero lines are drawn antialiased.

void QCPGrid::setPen ( const QPen &  pen)

Sets the pen with which (major) grid lines are drawn.

void QCPGrid::setSubGridPen ( const QPen &  pen)

Sets the pen with which sub grid lines are drawn.

void QCPGrid::setSubGridVisible ( bool  visible)

Sets whether grid lines at sub tick marks are drawn.

See Also
void QCPGrid::setZeroLinePen ( const QPen &  pen)

Sets the pen with which zero lines are drawn.

Zero lines are lines at coordinate 0 which may be drawn with a different pen than other grid lines. To disable zero lines and just draw normal grid lines at zero, set pen to Qt::NoPen.

QPen QCPGrid::subGridPen ( ) const
bool QCPGrid::subGridVisible ( ) const
QPen QCPGrid::zeroLinePen ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class QCPAxis

Member Data Documentation

bool QCPGrid::mAntialiasedSubGrid
bool QCPGrid::mAntialiasedZeroLine
QCPAxis* QCPGrid::mParentAxis
QPen QCPGrid::mPen
QPen QCPGrid::mSubGridPen
bool QCPGrid::mSubGridVisible
QPen QCPGrid::mZeroLinePen

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