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QCPItemText Class Reference

A text label. More...

#include <plot2d.h>

Inheritance diagram for QCPItemText:
QCPAbstractItem QCPLayerable

Public Member Functions

 QCPItemText (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
virtual ~QCPItemText ()
QColor color () const
QColor selectedColor () const
QPen pen () const
QPen selectedPen () const
QBrush brush () const
QBrush selectedBrush () const
QFont font () const
QFont selectedFont () const
QString text () const
Qt::Alignment positionAlignment () const
Qt::Alignment textAlignment () const
double rotation () const
QMargins padding () const
void setColor (const QColor &color)
void setSelectedColor (const QColor &color)
void setPen (const QPen &pen)
void setSelectedPen (const QPen &pen)
void setBrush (const QBrush &brush)
void setSelectedBrush (const QBrush &brush)
void setFont (const QFont &font)
void setSelectedFont (const QFont &font)
void setText (const QString &text)
void setPositionAlignment (Qt::Alignment alignment)
void setTextAlignment (Qt::Alignment alignment)
void setRotation (double degrees)
void setPadding (const QMargins &padding)
virtual double selectTest (const QPointF &pos) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCPAbstractItem
 QCPAbstractItem (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
virtual ~QCPAbstractItem ()
bool clipToAxisRect () const
QCPAxisclipKeyAxis () const
QCPAxisclipValueAxis () const
bool selectable () const
bool selected () const
void setClipToAxisRect (bool clip)
void setClipAxes (QCPAxis *keyAxis, QCPAxis *valueAxis)
void setClipKeyAxis (QCPAxis *axis)
void setClipValueAxis (QCPAxis *axis)
void setSelectable (bool selectable)
void setSelected (bool selected)
QList< QCPItemPosition * > positions () const
QList< QCPItemAnchor * > anchors () const
QCPItemPositionposition (const QString &name) const
QCPItemAnchoranchor (const QString &name) const
bool hasAnchor (const QString &name) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCPLayerable
 QCPLayerable (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
 ~QCPLayerable ()
bool visible () const
QCustomPlotparentPlot () const
QCPLayerlayer () const
bool antialiased () const
void setVisible (bool on)
bool setLayer (QCPLayer *layer)
bool setLayer (const QString &layerName)
void setAntialiased (bool enabled)

Public Attributes

QCPItemPosition *const position
QCPItemAnchor *const topLeft
QCPItemAnchor *const top
QCPItemAnchor *const topRight
QCPItemAnchor *const right
QCPItemAnchor *const bottomRight
QCPItemAnchor *const bottom
QCPItemAnchor *const bottomLeft
QCPItemAnchor *const left

Protected Types

enum  AnchorIndex {
  aiTopLeft, aiTop, aiTopRight, aiRight,
  aiBottomRight, aiBottom, aiBottomLeft, aiLeft

Protected Member Functions

virtual void draw (QCPPainter *painter)
virtual QPointF anchorPixelPoint (int anchorId) const
QPointF getTextDrawPoint (const QPointF &pos, const QRectF &rect, Qt::Alignment positionAlignment) const
QFont mainFont () const
QColor mainColor () const
QPen mainPen () const
QBrush mainBrush () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCPAbstractItem
virtual QRect clipRect () const
virtual void applyDefaultAntialiasingHint (QCPPainter *painter) const
double distSqrToLine (const QPointF &start, const QPointF &end, const QPointF &point) const
double rectSelectTest (const QRectF &rect, const QPointF &pos, bool filledRect) const
QCPItemPositioncreatePosition (const QString &name)
QCPItemAnchorcreateAnchor (const QString &name, int anchorId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCPLayerable
bool moveToLayer (QCPLayer *layer, bool prepend)
void applyAntialiasingHint (QCPPainter *painter, bool localAntialiased, QCP::AntialiasedElement overrideElement) const

Protected Attributes

QColor mColor
QColor mSelectedColor
QPen mPen
QPen mSelectedPen
QBrush mBrush
QBrush mSelectedBrush
QFont mFont
QFont mSelectedFont
QString mText
Qt::Alignment mPositionAlignment
Qt::Alignment mTextAlignment
double mRotation
QMargins mPadding
- Protected Attributes inherited from QCPAbstractItem
bool mClipToAxisRect
bool mSelectable
bool mSelected
QList< QCPItemPosition * > mPositions
QList< QCPItemAnchor * > mAnchors
- Protected Attributes inherited from QCPLayerable
bool mVisible
bool mAntialiased

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from QCPAbstractItem
void selectionChanged (bool selected)

Detailed Description

A text label.

Text example. Blue dotted circles are anchors, solid blue discs are positions.

Its position is defined by the member position and the setting of setPositionAlignment. The latter controls which part of the text rect shall be aligned with position.

The text alignment itself (i.e. left, center, right) can be controlled with setTextAlignment.

The text may be rotated around the position point with setRotation.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QCPItemText::AnchorIndex

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QCPItemText::QCPItemText ( QCustomPlot parentPlot)

Creates a text item and sets default values.

The constructed item can be added to the plot with QCustomPlot::addItem.

QCPItemText::~QCPItemText ( )

Member Function Documentation

QPointF QCPItemText::anchorPixelPoint ( int  anchorId) const

Reimplemented from QCPAbstractItem.

QBrush QCPItemText::brush ( ) const
QColor QCPItemText::color ( ) const
void QCPItemText::draw ( QCPPainter painter)

Implements QCPAbstractItem.

QFont QCPItemText::font ( ) const
QPointF QCPItemText::getTextDrawPoint ( const QPointF &  pos,
const QRectF &  rect,
Qt::Alignment  positionAlignment 
) const
QBrush QCPItemText::mainBrush ( ) const
QColor QCPItemText::mainColor ( ) const
QFont QCPItemText::mainFont ( ) const
QPen QCPItemText::mainPen ( ) const
QMargins QCPItemText::padding ( ) const
QPen QCPItemText::pen ( ) const
Qt::Alignment QCPItemText::positionAlignment ( ) const
double QCPItemText::rotation ( ) const
QBrush QCPItemText::selectedBrush ( ) const
QColor QCPItemText::selectedColor ( ) const
QFont QCPItemText::selectedFont ( ) const
QPen QCPItemText::selectedPen ( ) const
double QCPItemText::selectTest ( const QPointF &  pos) const

This function is used to decide whether a click hits an item or not.

pos is a point in pixel coordinates on the QCustomPlot surface. This function returns the shortest pixel distance of this point to the item. If the item is either invisible or the distance couldn't be determined, -1.0 is returned. setSelectable has no influence on the return value of this function.

If the item is represented not by single lines but by an area like QCPItemRect or QCPItemText, a click inside the area returns a constant value greater zero (typically 99% of the selectionTolerance of the parent QCustomPlot). If the click lies outside the area, this function returns -1.0.

Providing a constant value for area objects allows selecting line objects even when they are obscured by such area objects, by clicking close to the lines (i.e. closer than 0.99*selectionTolerance).

The actual setting of the selection state is not done by this function. This is handled by the parent QCustomPlot when the mouseReleaseEvent occurs.

See Also
setSelected, QCustomPlot::setInteractions

Implements QCPAbstractItem.

void QCPItemText::setBrush ( const QBrush &  brush)

Sets the brush that will be used do fill the background of the text. To disable the background, set brush to Qt::NoBrush.

See Also
setSelectedBrush, setPen, setPadding
void QCPItemText::setColor ( const QColor &  color)

Sets the color of the text.

void QCPItemText::setFont ( const QFont &  font)

Sets the font of the text.

See Also
setSelectedFont, setColor
void QCPItemText::setPadding ( const QMargins &  padding)

Sets the distance between the border of the text rectangle and the text. The appearance (and visibility) of the text rectangle can be controlled with setPen and setBrush.

void QCPItemText::setPen ( const QPen &  pen)

Sets the pen that will be used do draw a rectangular border around the text. To disable the border, set pen to Qt::NoPen.

See Also
setSelectedPen, setBrush, setPadding
void QCPItemText::setPositionAlignment ( Qt::Alignment  alignment)

Sets which point of the text rect shall be aligned with position.


  • If alignment is Qt::AlignHCenter | Qt::AlignTop, the text will be positioned such that the top of the text rect will be horizontally centered on position.
  • If alignment is Qt::AlignLeft | Qt::AlignBottom, position will indicate the bottom left corner of the text rect.

If you want to control the alignment of (multi-lined) text within the text rect, use setTextAlignment.

void QCPItemText::setRotation ( double  degrees)

Sets the angle in degrees by which the text (and the text rectangle, if visible) will be rotated around position.

void QCPItemText::setSelectedBrush ( const QBrush &  brush)

Sets the brush that will be used do fill the background of the text, when the item is selected. To disable the background, set brush to Qt::NoBrush.

See Also
void QCPItemText::setSelectedColor ( const QColor &  color)

Sets the color of the text that will be used when the item is selected.

void QCPItemText::setSelectedFont ( const QFont &  font)

Sets the font of the text that will be used when the item is selected.

See Also
void QCPItemText::setSelectedPen ( const QPen &  pen)

Sets the pen that will be used do draw a rectangular border around the text, when the item is selected. To disable the border, set pen to Qt::NoPen.

See Also
void QCPItemText::setText ( const QString &  text)

Sets the text that will be displayed. Multi-line texts are supported by inserting a line break character, e.g. '

See Also
setFont, setColor, setTextAlignment
void QCPItemText::setTextAlignment ( Qt::Alignment  alignment)

Controls how (multi-lined) text is aligned inside the text rect (typically Qt::AlignLeft, Qt::AlignCenter or Qt::AlignRight).

QString QCPItemText::text ( ) const
Qt::Alignment QCPItemText::textAlignment ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::bottom
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::bottomLeft
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::bottomRight
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::left
QBrush QCPItemText::mBrush
QColor QCPItemText::mColor
QFont QCPItemText::mFont
QMargins QCPItemText::mPadding
QPen QCPItemText::mPen
Qt::Alignment QCPItemText::mPositionAlignment
double QCPItemText::mRotation
QBrush QCPItemText::mSelectedBrush
QColor QCPItemText::mSelectedColor
QFont QCPItemText::mSelectedFont
QPen QCPItemText::mSelectedPen
QString QCPItemText::mText
Qt::Alignment QCPItemText::mTextAlignment
QCPItemPosition* const QCPItemText::position
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::right
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::top
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::topLeft
QCPItemAnchor* const QCPItemText::topRight

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